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Shopping is a British post-punk trio based in London and Glasgow. Its members are Rachel Aggs (guitar and vocals), Billy Easter (bass guitar and vocals), and Andrew Milk (drums and vocals), who formed the band in November 2012 out of their previous band, Covergirl

The band released its first album, Consumer Complaints, on 11 April 2013 on Mïlk Records, a record label run by Easter and Milk; it was re-released by FatCat Records in the United States in 2015. Their second album, Why Choose, was released on 2 October 2015 on FatCat Records.

Their third album was The Official Body, which was produced by Edwyn Collins and released on FatCat Records[6] on 19 January 2018.

Musical Influences

SG Gang of Four Kleenex Lilliput


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