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Record Store Day Annoucements

As posted by wikipeida, Record Store Day 2020 was originally scheduled to take place on Saturday, April 18, 2020, but was postponed to June 20, 2020 due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.[35] On April 29, 2020, it was announced that Record Store Day would instead be spread across three separate dates: August 29, 2020, September 26, 2020 and October 24, 2020.[36] Special releases should include the special 50th anniversary release of Paul McCartney’s debut solo album McCartney in a limited edition half-speed mastered vinyl pressing.

I will give some key information on some of the records I listened to on those days, and as usual the tagging of those records!

Other than that, I am gathering more inforamtion on the artist pages I will create over the following days. Will keep you posted.